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Cold Laser Therapy - Space Age Technology that Heals Chronic Injury and Eliminates Pain Fast!

"Magic Wand" speeds up healing process as reported on Channel Two News on November 29, 2005. Although, Cold Laser Therapy usually takes longer than just two days to help eliminate chronic pain from patients as stated in the news report. It is quite an amazing space age-like technology. Patients usually need between fifteen and forty treatments for chronic pain conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, muscle strains, tendonitis, bursitis, sciatica, lower back pain, and neck and back injury. Its technical name is actually Low Level Laser Therapy. It is commonly called cold laser therapy because the laser beam does not produce any heat, burn or cut skin tissue due to its ultra low intensity and frequency of radiation used to produce its benefits. It is extremely safe and has been used extensively in Japan and Europe for more than 20 years for the treatment of chronic pain conditions. In 2002, the U.S. FDA approved the use of cold laser therapy for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome because of the tide of mounting evidence of its effectiveness in many positive double blind research studies performed in the U.S., Japan and Europe.

How does Cold Laser Therapy speed up the healing of injured body tissue?

The human body is on automatic pilot and can heal itself without us doing anything. For example, if you cut your arm, it bleeds. However, even if you don't do a thing, the body will stop its bleeding on its own by using platelet cells to clot up the bleeding. Then in a day or two, the cut will seal itself and scab over. Then in another two or three days, the scab may fall off and no sign of the abrasion is left behind. The only thing that limits the speed of healing in the human body is the energy available for the cells to use. The energy that the cells use is called ATP. ATP is the energy part of the Kreb's Cycle that creates the life in each cell. However, the cells can only produce a limited amount of ATP each day, which limits the speed that the human body can repair and heal itself. If the cells had access to more ATP, the body would be able to repair itself and heal faster.

The Laws of Quantum Physics have discovered that one form of energy can be transformed into another form of energy to produce an action. For example, if there is a ball that is laying perfectly still in the middle of the floor, and I throw a rock and hit it, the ball will move. The energy from the moving rock that I throw is transformed into the movement of the ball when it is struck. Thus, the energy from the flying rock is transformed into another form of energy in the rolling ball.

How do we get additional energy into the cells of the human body to speed up its healing?

The Sun's light rays carry energy in them called photons. These photons are little packets of light energy. Plants and trees absorb photons from sunlight in their leaves and convert them into energy that help them to grow, repair and heal themselves. The human body cannot absorb photons and use them as energy, and that's why we need to eat food. Our bodies convert food into energy in the form of ATP. The laser beam from the cold laser transports these photos or packets of light energy into the body at a depth of between one and two inches. The cells in the area absorb the photos and convert the packets of light energy into more ATP, and this accelerates the activity of the cell, for repairing injured tissue or just keeping itself clean.

How long is each treatment, how many treatments would I need, and how much does each treatment cost?

Research has shown that the amount of photons, known as joules, needed to speed up healing of injured body tissue is about three joules. Three joules of energy is equal to 90 seconds of cold laser therapy. However, Dr. Uchida typically administers about three times that amount to each affected area. Each treatment typically takes between fifteen and sixty minutes depending on the size and complexity of the affected area or areas. The research has found that cold laser treatment is most effective at intervals of three treatments a week for five to fifteen weeks depending on the severity of the condition. The cost of each treatment is between $75.00 and $185.00. Seniors receive a 15 percent discount on each treatment.

As Channel Two reported in November of 2005, Dr. Jason Uchida is the only physician on the island of Oahu with this new medical technology. Dr. Uchida has been using cold laser therapy for more than a year with very good results. Approximately 80 percent of his patients have received very good recovery results within the time frame found by research. Unfortunately, the others have experienced lesser degrees of improvement. It is difficult to predict the degree of improvement each patient will receive. However, one can expect improvement of a pain condition within five to ten visits. If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about cold laser therapy, please call Dr. Uchida at 589-1955 or visit the office.


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